Assign a DNS to your static/dynamic IP with no-ip or similar

By on 21 Dicembre 2014

This guide is very useful if you want to communicate with a device connected to your home network, but when you are aot of this network.

Online there are a lot of website that convert your Internet Dinamic IP to a Simple Name like mydevice.no-ip.org . Your IP actually is: http://www.whatismyip.com/

The site no-ip is free but for some router in incompatible. The first step is to know what site support your Router. Connect to your gataway address with and go to the DDNS Page.

You will see something like this:















In this section you need to write only the login credential of  the site (no-ip, dyndns or others). If your router support no-ip you need to registrate on no-ip, if support dyndns you need to registate there.

Every time your router change the Internet IP addreess (this happened when you reboot your router or when the lighs off) this secton automatically will communicate the new IP at the site !!

Now , after the registration on no-ip (for example), we need to create a new host like this:

Add a host

The IP address section need to corrispond to your IP. Decide the name of the host and save everything !

Wait 5 minutes !


Now you have configurate a DNS !!!







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